September 9, 2017 
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Piloted by Aaron Taylor

The North American AT-6 Texan is one of the many iconic aircraft of World War II. This advanced trainer was instrumental in the training of virtually all of America’s great aviators of that era. Though the AT-6 is no longer used in US Armed Forces flight training, the legend of the mighty “Texan” lives on. Twisted Texan Airshows is excited to bring the sights, the sounds and the thrill of this legendary airplane to the Bluebonnet Airsho 2016. We provide a crowd pleasing display of the aerobatic capability of the T-6 and perform all of the aerobatic maneuvers that would have been required of an advanced air cadet in the US Army Air Force of the 1940’s.

Aaron is a native Texan having grown up in the Big Bend area in the town of Alpine, Texas. It was there where he began flying at the age of 14, first solo flight on his 16th birthday and earned a Private pilot’s license as a junior in High School. That was just the beginning and in a short time Aaron earned his Airline Transport Pilot certificate and was privileged enough to make Captain on the Boeing 747 at the age of 31. Currently Aaron is employed as a pilot for a major US airline, however, his true passion is flying and preserving WWII airplanes and performing in the T-6 Texan.

Come out and allow us to entertain you with smoke ‘n noise and the graceful roar of a radial engine in the solo aerobatic act we call…Twisted Texan!!!!

P-51 Mustang
"Pecos Bill"

Get your cameras ready.   Cowden Ward will be piloting his beautifully maintained P-51 Mustang "Pecos Bill" in an in-flight demonstration at the Blue Bonnet Airshow.

B-25 Mitchell
"Yellow Rose"

Today, Rose is flown by a professional crew and thrills air show audiences throughout the United States. Her unique ‘desert camouflage’ paint scheme and markings of the 340th bomb group, that operated out of North Africa, make Rose a standout in any crowd. Flying demonstrations treat crowds to the unique roar of her two R2600, 1700 H.P., 14-cylinder Wright radial engines, and features passes that highlight her capabilities in low level attack including skip and pop-up bombing. The sound of this aircraft is unique and the B-25 is one of the most popular aircraft at air events and reunions in the U.S.

"Devil Dog"

Not many people know that the US Marine Corps flew bombers in WWII. One of the missions of the Devil Dog Squadron is to keep that piece of history alive. The Marines designated the B-25s "PBJ". PB indicates Patrol Bomber and the J is an alpha-code designating the manufacturer, North American Aviation (PBJ does not mean Peanut Butter and Jelly). The Marines were innovative in customizing the PBJs for the jobs they faced. As most of the missions were performed at low altitude, there was not much need for the glass nose/bombardier position. It was replaced with a solid nose and armed with up to 8 - .50 caliber machine guns, or in some versions, a 75mm cannon.

Nine PBJ squadrons made it overseas before the war ended in the Pacific. 26 PBJs were lost in combat and 19 were lost in operational accidents while in a combat zone.

The Devil Dog represents a PBJ-1J (the second J designates the model) of the VMB 612 squadron.